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Brett Kelly

Brett Kelly from Belvedere College, North Great Denmark Street, is a Transition Year Student who helps out in Don Bosco Care, below he shares his experience.

Transition year is designed to, give you experiences that help you transition from Junior Cert to independent learning for the Leaving Cert/College and to build independence and confidence, everyone in my class is proactively doing something.

I think I am the type of person who likes diversity in the day; it stops me from getting bored as you are always doing something new.

The first time I was in Don Bosco Care, I helped organise a business networking event, today I’ve been moving furniture to set up a new office and am also helping organise the women’s mini marathon. I’ve also been asked to go on the radio and talk about my experiences, so that will be another challenge, and I think everyone in Don Bosco Care has enjoyed having me about! Working at Don Bosco Care has showed me a working environment that I had not experienced before. I was nervous coming in the first day but I feel that I quickly got to know everyone here. I come from a big family so I am used to being around a lot of people and I think this stood to me when coming into an organisation for the first time. Organising for the networking event was good experience for talking with local business owners and politicians, helping to develop social skills by introducing myself and getting out of my comfort zone.

It’s good to know that the work I’m doing here is benefitting the kids that Don Bosco Care works with. In my school there’s lots of charity work done, my schools motto is ‘men for others’; you can’t not do anything, each class has a form tutor and they’re tasked with making sure everyone gets the most they can out of the 6 years in the school.

I’m very thankful that my parents can send me to a good school, and it motivates me to help out people who haven’t had these opportunities, in places like Don Bosco Care.

Overall, it has been a very positive and enjoyable experience working in Don Bosco Care.

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